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What Is Wind Energy For Businesses?

Many businesses, farms, schools, communities, and corporations are already harnessing wind power to provide their energy needs. Wind turbines come in many sizes so they can meet a variety of energy requirements.

Wind turbines turn the kinetic energy in the wind into mechanical power or electricity. Turbine blades rotate due to the wind, which spins a shaft that connects to a generator. You can also get more information about wind energy services via

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Onshore wind turbines range in size, with older turbines typically providing 1 megawatt (MW) of average generation capacity and newer model turbines providing about 3 MW. Wind speeds of 30 to 55 mph are excellent for generating electricity on land.

Offshore turbines, on the other hand, are much larger. A single turbine can exceed 9 MW of generation capacity and can either reach the ocean floor or operate as a floating platform. 

On the downside, offshore wind requires significant investment in infrastructure to bring all of the energy to land.

Commercial on-site wind turbines sit in their own unique segment of the wind market, one that lies between residential and industrial- or utility-scale wind turbines. 

Once installed or built, only regular maintenance of the wind generator, tower, and transmission lines are required. However, unlike conventional power plants, there is no fuel required. No pipelines. No oil trains or ground transportation. And no post-production waste stream or emissions for decades as each turbine turns