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Weight Loss Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea

Matcha is rich in catechins. These are important antioxidants that fight bacteria, free radicals, and even infections. The EGCG catechin or epigallocatechin gallate is a catechin that can boost your metabolism. EGCG in matcha is nearly 140 times more than in regular green tea. 

Matcha blocks digestive enzymes from breaking down fat. This is a necessary step for fat to get into your cells. Instead of being absorbed and stored, the fat is passed through the body. Matcha can also be used to suppress your appetite. Lose more weight and burn more calories! You can also browse to buy tea matcha.

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An American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study published in 1999 found that green tea extract high in catechins can promote fat oxidation and thermogenic properties.

A second study showed that drinking matcha tea immediately after exercise resulted in 25% less fat burning.

Matcha tea may increase fat burning and resting metabolic rate, according to both studies.

Matcha green tea can contain up to five times the amount of L-theanine as conventional green tea. L-theanine, an amino acid that has psychoactive properties and can induce alpha wave activity in your brain, is known as L-theanine.

Matcha does contain some caffeine but the relaxing effects of L-theanine counterbalance the "jittery” effects of caffeine. Matcha green tea is a great way to increase concentration and clarity without the anxiety associated with coffee.