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Expert Panels for Product Development and Improvement

Marketers and engineers often have the need for customer feedback that goes deeper and into more detail than the typical satisfaction survey or new product concept tests among a random group of product users.

What is needed is the type of expert feedback, from an "early adopter" group of product category users, that can help the marketer and engineer to see beyond just the next incremental change and on to a whole new version of a product that gives it a distinct competitive advantage. In addition, such an early adopter expert panel group can also help to create entirely new product categories.You can also contact product design companies in Canada.

Guide to the Product Development Process 10 Steps+Key Tips

Geoffrey Moore's Crossing the Chasm is a classic book on marketing high technology products. In it, he defines "early adopters," or "visionaries," as "that rare breed of people who have the insight to match an emerging technology to a strategic opportunity, the temperament to translate that insight into a high-visibility, high-risk project, and the charisma to get the rest of their organization to buy into that project."

In many cases, these people are the mavens, or salespeople, or a combination thereof, described in The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell. We all know these people.

They are the ones who, back in school, or at our work, seem to always have the latest cool gadget and who are on top of the latest technology, and who, importantly, know what its potential is. They understand the bigger picture of what technology can do to make our lives easier and/or more fun.