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4 Things an Arborist Can Do For You

Our homes and gardens are an expression of who we are. The plants that we have to reflect our personalities and offer beauty. The garden and yard can also be time-consuming, hard to maintain and trees can need some special touches to look their best.

An arborist can assist you with maintaining the look you want. Here are 4 things an arborist can do for you. You can also contact auratreeservices if you are looking for professional tree services in North Shore, Sydney.

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Tree trimming

This can be a vital part of upkeep on trees. Whether it is for shape, growth or to keep branches healthy, an arborist can do this for you. Let's face it; trimming trees requires special knowledge of growth and style of the tree.

Tree removal

We like to keep our yards fresh looking. Removing old and damaged trees is a part of this. It also requires specialized equipment and removal from the property. Areas where there is high wind damage often see damaged trees.

Stump grinding

When you have a tree or large shrub that has been cut down, it leaves a stump behind. Getting rid of this stump can be time-consuming, frustrating and sometimes expensive. Grinding the stump will help you get rid of remnants that can interfere with your enjoyment of your yard and help it to remain fresh and beautiful.

Trimming hedges

Hedges give a nice look to our property and can offer privacy. Keeping them trimmed so that they maintain their shape, remain in the area we want them and prevent infestations is an important part of having hedges.