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Factors To Consider For The Choice Of Heat Conveyor Belts

Around 95 percent of the mining equipment's transportation systems are handled with conveyor belts. These simple , but crucial elements could alter the method by which materials are transported, significantly decreasing time and increasing efficiency. However, like all functional components there are a few factors that affect how well they perform.

Support for load is one of the most crucial factors since conveyor belts are required to move tonnes of material in a smooth manner.Additionally, heat resistant rubber conveyor belts at Monster Belting are constructed with a longer flexibility to ensure they are able to bend to different angles without having to be pushed into the junction gap.

heat resistant conveyor belt

 As conveyor belts are loaded on idlers in troughs, there's the possibility of them being pulled over junction gaps in the idlers. If this happens there's a higher chance of premature failure , and the entire system of transport could be damaged.

One way to limit the risk of this is to make sure that loads with greater weights must go on belts that have a smaller flex radius. This helps bridge the gap between the two and minimizes the chance of failures of the machine. 

Products that are transported during mining operations are rough and heavy. This means that belts need to be strong enough to stand up to these two elements. One method to ensure they won't fail prematurely is to select one that has an upper working tension than what is needed. This will increase costs of the machine, but it's more affordable than having to deal with injuries it's not made to handle.