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Using Raspberry Pie To Build Beautiful Wall-Mounted Dashboards

If your display raspberry Pi considers before starting booting, it considers your display resolution. This often happens when both the pie and the display are connected to the same power source. 

The power you increase starts to boot the Pi, but most TV screens go into standby mode and allow the user to wait for power using the remote. You can buy a magic mirror with Raspberry Pi, an HDMI compatible display of your choice.

magic mirror with Raspberry Pi

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A common challenge I have often encountered is how to display a wall-mounted dashboard. While this may seem like a fairly simple issue, you can often find the entire desktop computer on a single dashboard.

Now your pie is ready to display your dashboard. The easiest way to do this is to add a few simple commands that run at startup, turning your pie into a plug and play device. 

You can do this by modifying the "autostart" file, which executes the system command during the boot process. Imagine a personal dashboard sitting on top of your desk. 

It is showing you the things that are relevant to you: calendar, todos, weather, traffic, whatever. You can also use it as a smart digital picture frame. Your imagination is the limit. It is not as expensive as we use Raspberry Pi for the project.