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How To Update A Garmin Nuvi 255W GPS

The Nuvi 255W is part of Garmin's budget line of GPS devices. Despite its relatively low price compared to the company's high-end models, the 255W still includes important features like voice navigation, image viewing, and a built-in battery for portable use. Also, Garmin is constantly updating the device operating software to refine your user experience. However, if you want to take advantage of these updates for your device, you must download and install the software updates through Garmin's "WebUpdater" program.

Here is how you can perform Garmin Nuvi GPS update:

Step 1 – Download and install "WebUpdater" if necessary.

Step 2 – Connect your Nuvi 255W GPS to your computer using the Nuvi device's USB cable.

Step 3 – Run "WebUpdater".

Step 4 – From the list of Garmin devices that you see in ‘WebUpdater’, you need to choose Nuvi 255W, which is the device you are using.

Step 5 – Let "WebUpdater" check for software updates.

Step 6 – Select "Yes" when you are prompted to download and install updates on your Nuvi 255W.

If you come across any issue during the updating of your Garmin Nuvi device, then you can take the help of experts to find out the best solution for the issue(s). Make sure to update your Garmin Nuvi in order to receive accurate data of the routes and traffic.