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Are Your Drugs Safe?

The reason drugs are safer than dietary supplements is because drugs made by the pharmaceutical industry are regulated by the FDA. This is the standard mantra that is chanted and unfortunately too many people believe it. After all, that's not true.

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The general message to consumers is that comprehensive Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations make products made by the pharmaceutical industry much safer than food additives, an industry that is often chosen as a source of media attack.

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A key point frequently highlighted in attacks of such bias is the claim that the pharmaceutical industry has high quality control standards – largely due to FDA regulations – whereas the additives industry (due to lack of FDA regulations) if logically becomes …) suffers from poor quality and / or poor quality control (QC).

The pharmaceutical industry has often argued that increases in the price of their drugs – particularly in the US – are due to FDA approval, research and development (R&D) costs, and other costs.

In fact, the cost of developing drugs is very high, and getting FDA approval is expensive and a process that needs to be restructured to reduce costs and get the potentially life-saving drug for humans faster.