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About Dry Van Trucking Companies in Kansas City

Dry Van trucks are a very convenient choice of transportation services in Kansas City. They help many businesses to get the job done and provide what is necessary to keep the business running.  If you are looking for reliable Dry Van Freight Transportation Services in Kansas City then you can visit online sources.

Being a part of heavy haul transportation, people often confuse dry van trucking with heavy haul transportation and consider both of them to be the same shipment method. However, there is a significant difference between the two options.

dry van truckload

To get rid of the confusion, we take a closer look at the dry van trucking below.

What Can You Ship with Dry Van Trucking Company?

The size and design of trailers used in dry van trucks are important to accommodate wide varieties of large and heavy cargo.

Dry Van trucking can be used to transport all kinds of shipments from machine parts to vehicles and large construction supplies and equipment. Special features of dry van trucks allow them to ship anything that can't be shipped in traditional shipping services. Other examples of the cargo that can be shipped easily through dry van trucks are;

Massive wooden logs

Oversized Pipes

Rolled Steel Coils

Portable and mobile homes and sheds

Heavy Machinery

Tow Trucks

When it comes to dry van trucking, there is nothing that is too big to transport. In fact, the bigger, the better.