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All You Need to Know About Antenatal Scan

One of the most important things you can do before your baby is born is to have an antenatal scan. This scan will help to diagnose any health problems your baby may have.

It is important to eat a balanced diet on the day of your antenatal scan. This will help to ensure that the scan is as accurate as possible. You should avoid eating anything that is high in sugar or caffeine. These foods can affect the results of the scan. To know more about antenatal care services, you can browse the web.

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Instead, have a light breakfast and a healthy lunch before your antenatal scan. Digestion is key when it comes to having a good antenatal scan. If you are feeling sick or unwell, please speak to your doctor before your appointment. They may be able to arrange for you to have the scan at another time if you are not feeling well.

How is an Antenatal Scan Performed?

An antenatal scan is a test that is done during your pregnancy to look for problems with the baby. An antenatal scan is performed by taking a series of images of the baby. This is done using a special machine called an ultrasound scanner. The ultrasound scanner sends sound waves into the baby’s body and records the echo that comes back. This can be used to picture the inside of the baby’s body.

An antenatal scan is a very important test. It can help to detect problems early on in the pregnancy. It can also help to rule out problems with the baby’s health. If there are any problems with the baby, an antenatal scan can tell you about them.