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Inside Look at Wisdom Teeth Removal

According to an interview in the New York Times, the head of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Wisdom Teeth Task Force on estimates that between 70 and 80% of Americans meet the criteria for removal.

Why this tooth removed

Wisdom teeth, sometimes also called the third molars, are the teeth that lie behind the farthest point in your mouth. Normally, we developed four third molars, with one at the top and bottom of the right and left side of the jaw. You can visit to find a surgeon to remove the wisdom tooth.

Sometimes wisdom teeth develop naturally, erupted through the gum and harmonize with the rest of the gear. In an estimated 70 per cent of people where this does not happen, a few teething problems and serious health can occur. Here are four of the most common issues:

Impaction and bone damage: If a tooth is affected, they may try to grow sideways and cause damage to the jaw bone as they work on finding a way to erupt.


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Infection: Partially erupted tooth can leave openings in the gums that pull bacteria. These bacteria over time can cause both mild and serious infections.

Pressure: Impacted teeth can put pressure on other teeth nearby, disturbing the growth pattern of natural teeth and orthodontic development. This can cause crowding and decay.

Cysts and tumours: Tumours and cysts can develop around impacted wisdom tooth. This serious complication can result in damage to the gums and jawbone.

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will take a detailed X-ray to determine the position of your teeth. He will also perform an oral assessment. Based on the findings, a specific action will be recommended to you and appointments scheduled for the extraction if necessary.

Elimination of teeth is an outpatient procedure performed in the surgeon's office. In most cases, local anaesthesia is used to prevent pain in the removal. Anaesthesia decision is made in partnership with patients, comfort and health considerations in mind.