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Essential Guidance On Air Conditioning For Multi-Storey Homes

Get all the quotes as early as possible in the construction process if you have a multi-story home. Try to get quotes on air conditioning as the development plans are already being drawn up. This will encourage you to change the air conditioning arrangements to suit them. 

During the planning process, you would most likely need to add penetrations, lowered walls, bulkheads and power suppliers to the proposals for air conditioning successfully in a multi-story house. You can look for the finest air conditioners if you check out the post right here.

New Home Ducted Air Conditioning Installations

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However, if your house has already been built, installing ducted air conditioning could be a lot more complicated. There is no access from the top roof to the bottom roof, the most prevalent issue with current multi-story houses. 

This generally means that you have to split the air conditioner into two smaller units that can add a lot of money to the final quote for air conditioning (1 unit upstairs and 1 unit downstairs).

Adding a roof cowl to your house is a way around this. This is simply a metal box that attaches the top roof space to the bottom roof space in order to allow the conduit to run inside it. 

Usually, this roof cowl is coloured to complement your home's exterior, so it blends in as much as possible. You can manually transport the ductwork from upstairs to downstairs using a roof cowl, which allows you to use a single ducted air conditioning system for your entire household. 

How To Choose The Best Mini-split Cooling System For Your Room?

Interested in air conditioning with a mini-split system? Whether you're just charging central AC to cut your electricity bill, or buying a mini-split unit as your main air conditioner, you want to save money in the long run with a split AC system. 

But first, you need to determine the size of your device so as not to be disappointed. You will save even more money on buying a mini-split by choosing the right size. You can get the best split air conditioner via

How to Choose the Best Ductless Air Conditioner

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The main elements that determine the size of your split air conditioner are: room size, number of people living in the room, solar windows, shaded windows, doors and main heat generators in the room, e.g. Kitchen utensils. Let's see how the formula works.

The basic formula:- If you don't know anything else, remember that a "one ton" or 12,000 BTU/hour air conditioner will cool a normal 400 square foot room. The BTU is the cooling capacity of the mini-split system listed in brochures, online and in the box. BTU stands for British Thermal Block.

Extended formula:- If you want to be more specific in your assessment, use the following formula: BTU = 35 x square meters. The larger the floor plan, the greater the capacity of the separate variable system.

Additional formula supplement:- If the room you are cooling in has a device that generates heat, add 4000 BTU to the total. It shows a full-size kitchen with a fridge, stove and oven.

If you have solar windows, add 1000 BTUs to the total estimate for every 10 square feet of solar window.