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Know About Powder Coating Booths

A top-level proficiency in a powder booth constant can be achieved when the capacity, size, and different specifications are best suited for the type of work to be done.

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Accompanying elements are critical for choosing the most efficient stand for a particular coating component:

  • Article size, shape, and weight that requires coating
  • The production rate, or estimated consumption powder
  • The recovery efficiency
  • If the item needs indexing
  • The number of color changes/unit time


The recovery chamber multi-cyclone facilitates the use of energy of 98%. The spray chamber coated powder has excellent durability and is maintenance-free. It is easy to clean and gives, as a result, a change color very fast and safe to operate.

It does not cause dust spilling out of the cab and maximizes recovery through MultiCyclone. These are some of the characteristics of the cab that helps in controlling contamination.

Multiple Cyclone RECOVERY SYSTEM

High-efficiency powder recovery system multi-cyclone 98.5% gives an advantage over other powder recovery systems. Its high speed decreases sticking dust and reduces cleaning time.

The fan draws any powder overspray through a cyclone recovery system and then dust collected in the lower tray can be reused again.

After recovery SYSTEM – FILTER BACK

The rechargeable powder is fully used with the help of a multi-cyclone. According to the laws of pollution control, very fine powder less than 0.5 microns (not catch static load) need to escape. This powder is stopped by the post filter and exhibits breathable air.