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How to Grow and Care for Fiddle-Leaf Fig Plant

Fiddle-leaf fig is a very popular indoor tree with large, thickly veined, and shiny violin-shaped leaves. They grow straight up on a slim trunk. If you can place the fiddle-leaf fig in a container that can be placed on a table, it will make a great focal point for a room.

Indoor specimens can reach about 10 feet in height. If you are like most gardeners, it can be rooted at any time of the year. This beautiful plant is toxic to dogs and cats. You can also check out here to buy a fiddle leaf fig plant.

fiddle leaf fig plant

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Fiddle-Leaf Fig Care

These plants are native to the tropical regions of Africa where they thrive in warm, humid conditions. These plants are difficult to grow at home, as it is possible to duplicate these hot conditions. They are resilient plants and can tolerate a less than perfect environment for quite a while.


To grow and look their best, fiddle leaf figs need bright, filtered sunlight. Plants that are exposed to direct sunlight, particularly in the afternoon sun, can cause damage to their leaves. Also, plants kept in low light conditions may not grow as well.


A good indoor plant potting mixture should be suitable to grow a fiddle-leaf fig. Make sure the soil drains well.

These plants are also sensitive to high levels of salt in the soil. It is recommended to flush the soil until the water runs out the bottom of each pot at least once a month.