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Cleaning Car Carpet Effectively And Efficiently

What are the most soiled spots in your car? Car carpet is likely to be one of them. People such as your children, friends, and pets can get into your car and track dirt by walking on it. Children and pets can also make a mess by spilling things. This is not a problem that you should be worried about. Cleaning car carpets is easy if you have the right tricks. There are some tricks for car carpet cleaning.

  • Take your vacuum cleaner. To remove as much dirt as possible, vacuum the entire carpet.

car carpet cleaning

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  • You can also continue to treat the stains on your carpet. It is important to note that different products are best suited for different types of stains. Spray your hair spray on any ink stain on the carpet. To reduce the stain, you can blot it with a towel.

  • The third step is to prepare to clean the carpet. First, prepare a spray can. Mix 1/4 cup vinegar, 1 teaspoon dish cleaner solution, and hot water. Combine them and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. It can be used to clean all of the carpets later.

  • Fourth, you are ready to clean the entire carpet. Use a bristles brush to brush the carpet with the solution you have prepared.

  • Fifth, let the carpet soak in the solution for 30 minutes. This will help you achieve perfect cleanliness.

These steps should be followed at least once per six months to maintain a clean car carpet.