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Beanie hats, also known as "beanies" to shorten them, are a form of headgear that is typically made of triangular pieces made of cloth that are stitched on the sides and at the top. In the past beanie hats were an expression of inequality typically worn by laborers who had to keep their hair from their eyes. They were also worn by freshmen at certain institutions as a way of introduction and thus represent their lack of experience.

But, pop culture has revived the popularity of beanies. The beanie has become commonly used as a piece of clothing for the winter months. The latest versions of the beanie are one that is made of wool or blended with acrylic, which makes it ideal for colder weather and to prevent moisture and sweat from being kept in. 

It is perfect to wear when skiing or snowboarding because it provides warmth not just for the head but also ears. In addition, the obvious obstruction caused by the brimmed cap is prevented by wearing beanie caps, which gives the wearer greater visibility on the slopes. If you want to buy custom beanies in Australia, visit

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There are many trendy clothing brands that include beanies in their collections, which means there's plenty to pick from. The classic ones remain in fashion, but the ones with comic book characters and famous artists are quickly becoming popular with teens or young people. 

The beanie hat's appearance in the well-known Harry Potter film revived the popularity of this almost lost item. The grunge-inspired look that is popular among fashionable snowboarders also brought the beanie hat to the rage throughout the winter cold seasons.

Apart from being popular during the winter months, beanies can be worn for casual dressing. Combine it with a comfy shirt and jeans and you'll be set for an excursion to the shops or take an easy stroll along the beach. Make use of it when traveling on buses or trains and it keeps your ears and heads toasty on the way to work.