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All About Oceanic Art From Oceania

Spread over the broad area of Polynesia, Australasia ,Melanesia and Micronesia Oceanic art encompasses a varied set of customs. What combines it are topics of the supernatural and fertility — masks used in petroglyphs,tattoos, religious rituals, stone and wood carving, painting.

In addition to textile work supply an endless variety of possibilities. Mo'ai, more broadly referred to as the Easter Island heads, are perhaps the most well-known illustration of Oceanic art. There are various museums where you can see these spectacular oceanic art. You can get more information about  oceanic art museum In New york via .

oceanic art museum

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These monolithic figurines are trademarks of spiritual and political ability and brightly showcase the ease and creativity of the founders. Such sculptures and objects (which often represent the tribe's ancestors) in early Egyptian religions, after ritually prepared, were thought to be billed with magic properties.

A spectacular survey of the artistic Conventions of Oceania, Crossing the islands' First settlement in the Early Age through the 21st century

Masks and figural sculptures will be the most recognizable examples of this visual tradition of Oceania, nevertheless they provide just a glimpse of this intriguing art of the varied area. 

Artisans of the Pacific Islands and Australia have generated objects ranging from waxed and stained cloth, stone engravings, and woven containers to stained and tattooed bodies, drawings on paper and sand, and also contemporary installation art. 

This survey examines the entire selection of objects made over many millennia, demonstrating the payoff of Oceania from the early period to the current moment.