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What You Should Know About Gas Masks

It is natural that with the threat of biological or chemical terrorism comes a lot of talk about gas masks. Before making a decision to buy and use a gas mask, it's important to understand the technology behind various types of equipment available. It is also important to understand that the gas mask alone will not provide adequate protection from biological or chemical contamination. There are different types of gas mask available that serve different purposes. You can search more about the best gas masks via 

Even the use of a protective suit will only provide protection from air contaminants. The only way to be fully protected is to use a suit that entirely covers the user and seals airtight, which means the use of SCBA gear is required. Unfortunately, this type of gear is very expensive and impractical for civil use. You should not expect to be able to stay in an affected area for any period of time without this type of gear.

See various types of gas masks

The least effective type of gas mask is known as a half mask air purifier respirator. This covers the nose and mouth that allows users to breathe through the mask filtration system. However, many chemical and biological agents use the eyes as the entry point, causing contamination.

The more effective type of mask is known as a full-face air purifier respirator. These Gas Masks provide a clear face mask or clear eyepieces that protect the eyes, as well as the nose and mouth. The issue with these air-purifying respirators is that they may leak from either a poor fit or from a crack or hole on the mask.

Solving the leak problem is the supplied-air respirator. These use the same sort of filter attached to a battery-operated canister with a fan forcing air through it. The advantage is the positive pressure created by the system ensuring that any leak in the mask releases purified air rather than allowing contaminated air from the environment to enter.

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A Look at Military Gas Masks

The US Army became the largest gas mask user prior to America's entrance into World War One. After that attack in France, there was no way a modern fighting force was going to be deployed against the Germans without the best equipment available to protect them from poisonous gas attacks. Plants that put out a small number of gas masks for firefighters suddenly have a large order to be filled for men fighting America and its allies.

It was a Canadian who designed the "smoke helmet" with a single tube exhaling filled with chemical solvents to neutralize the chlorine used in gas attacks. Using this design, the smoke helmet was adopted by the allied forces and is widely considered to be the first mass-produced military gas mask employed for use against the Germans. You can find more about the best military grade gas mask on 


The Germans countered with a gas mask (for use by their troops against the possibility of a wind shift blowing their own chemicals back over them) that employed an air filter drum screwed onto the front of the breathing apparatus that could be changed easily and quickly to keep the filtration system fresh during multiple attacks. The British countered with the SBR or Small Box Respirator which became the most widely used gas mask during the war.

The British first built a carbon monoxide respirator that was being used during World War one before the first use of chemical weapons by Germany. Scientists had discovered that unexploded enemy shells gave off extremely high levels of carbon monoxide gas. These levels were found high enough to kill soldiers within 100 meters of unplaced devices in trenches, protection holes and protective areas where carbon monoxide could concentrate further.

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Dead Sea Salt Baths For Your Wellness

The Dead Sea Salt baths are the most unique of water therapies. Anyone who has visited the desiccated land of the Dead Sea can attest to the fact that bathing in a sea of salt can be soothing, refreshing, and healing. Many years ago, people who worked in the mines and quarries around the Dead Sea's delta could be exposed to salt mines for days at a time.

These men would come home soaked in sweat and exhausted after long days underground in the mine shafts, and that's why they called it "The Doctor's Salty Bath". It is believed that the salt in the air on the day of your bath provides a mental boost and relaxation from the pressures of the day and enables the body to relax more easily. A massage, or another type of deep therapeutic work, can also be enhanced by a nice, relaxing bath of dead sea salt.

The active mineral content in the sea salt which makes it good for all skin types and conditions is magnesium, which is found in abundance in the earth. Magnesium does a lot of things, including helping to keep the body well hydrated. In many cultures, that's seen as a sign of a good health care system, and it is a very important element of good personal health and wellness.

Magnesium helps our nerves operate properly because it acts as a relaxant and is also thought to have natural rejuvenation properties. In addition, it works to protect the body from heart disease, helps to digest food, and aids in the absorption of vital minerals and vitamins. In many cultures, as well as the holistic medical community, there is a high level of use of this mineral and the calming effect it can have on our minds and bodies.

One of the best-known uses of the Dead Sea salt baths is to help reduce skin problems, such as psoriasis and eczema. In fact, studies have shown that this natural remedy can lower the chances of suffering from these afflictions by up to 50%. Other benefits are that it can reduce the effects of aging and can help you stay energized throughout the day.

The warm, soothing saltwater, along with the "layers" of minerals, allows for the skin to soak up the moisture, and the rest of the warm water is pumped out as a deep bath. The crystals in the water to help your skin to remain hydrated and absorb nutrients from the water. Because the bath is taken in, so the person remains immobile in it, it is not like a normal bath where the bathwater is circulated throughout the body.

Of course, what would make a Dead Sea salt bath truly unique is the salt licks. They vary in color from pink, blue, and green, to white, grey, and orange. The licks actually feel refreshing after the soothing temperature of the water has settled in. Also, the warm water, combined with the minerals in the saltwater, makes it very soothing.

If you'd prefer the lime green licks to the blue ones, then you'll be happy to know that there are variations available to choose from. As with any spa treatment, the price may vary, depending on the availability of the item. It is best to get a recommendation from someone in the salon who has used the product before, or from the customer service department.

It's amazing how many different spa treatments are offered. Just as with the famous steam room at Disney World, your entire family can enjoy their own personal therapist at the spa and enjoy the luxury and privacy. If you wish to use the products, such as a facial or body wash, all you need to do is bring them, as well as any prescription medications, to the salon, and wait your turn for the massage.

Spa packages include everything you need to enjoy your spa day. The mists of Dead Sea salt and ingredients of choice will be available for use, as well as massage and therapy treatments. You will also be offered choices of soap, shampoo, moisturizers, and conditioners to promote your personal wellness. such as skin whitening, anti-aging, or acne products.

There is also plenty of seating available for relaxation and luxury, in a comfortable atmosphere at your wellness center. and if you prefer a recliner to soak in the tub, you can also do that in your serene environment. at your spa.