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Your Plants May be Dying and These are the Reasons

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Plants add a lot to a space whether indoors or outdoors. One of the most important features is the beauty of greens. But when plants die, the charm is lost to yellowed then browned and shriveled leaves. Although plants will die one day, you should make sure they live their life to the fullest.

To make that happen, you should take care of the following reasons that cause plants to die.

  • Wrong Plant Choice: Some plants flourish well under direct sunlight while others need darker or cooler environments. So, if you are choosing a plant for indoors that needs direct sunlight with no access to natural light, it will eventually die. Thus, you should evaluate the conditions first and then choose the plants that grow well under them.
  • Non-frequent Soil Changes: Apart from the plants, the soil also has a certain life. It breaks down and compacts over time, requiring you to change it when the time comes. And if you fail to change the soil when all of its air spaces are closed, roots will not get enough space to breathe and start dying.
  • The Wrong Pot Size: Similar to the perfect fit of clothes you need, plants need a perfect pot size to grow. If the pot is small, the roots won’t get enough space to grow. Alternatively, a bigger pot will give extra space for moisture to gather beneath the roots, causing the plant to die of rotted roots.

Many other factors play a role in deciding the life of the plants. Professional outdoor plant hire service providers know the accurate levels of fertilizers, sunlight, water, and other requirements and can install and maintain them for you.