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Why Should You Only Buy Apple MFi-Certified Accessories?

It is a well known fact that you must only purchase accessories that are Apple MFi-certified, but what if the cable you're interested in isn't certified by MFi?. What should you do? Should you purchase it?

There's no doubt that authentic iPhone, iPad or other Apple accessories are costly. Apple always provides the highest quality possible products. But, it's not unusual to find third-party MFi certified products to be costly, and this is due to reasons. Browse to to purchase mfi fast charger.

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What is Apple MFi certification?

MFi is the abbreviation for "Made for iPhone, iPad and iPod" and is the certificate that Apple gives to manufacturers who are authorized to make peripheral accessories that are compatible with Apple devices. 

The program began in 2005 with iPod docks, cables and docks and is now encompassing additional accessories and devices. Only 2% of applicants who pay for MFi certification are able to successfully pass the required tests principally because Apple follows a rigorous process to preserve the lifetime of the accessories, to protect its image of its brand, and see that third-party producers follow the same high quality and standards that they do Apple. 

The MFi certification has become the standard for high-end quality and an indicator of technological power.

How to determine if the device is certified by Apple?

The MFi logo that is certified by the MFi on the packaging of the accessory certified by MFi like"Made For iPod" "Made to iPod" as well as the "Made to iPhone" badge. The MFi certification logo is permitted to be used with Apple's permission and is not permitted to change the design. Another method to determine if an item is MFi-certified or not is to use its MFi search engine found on Apple's site.