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What Types Of Duct Board Panel Available In Market

The thermal insulation is provided through duct board panels. The duct board panels consisting of fiberglass's inner surfaces are sound-proof, which makes them silent and comfortable to install in your home.

Fabric ducting may also be known as socks made of ducts or made of fabric. Fabric ducts are made of special polyester materials that spread air evenly across their length. They are more efficient in energy use than traditional duct systems and provide more airflow. You can also explore more about duct boards at

duct board insulation

Fabric duct boards weren't intended to function as air conduits using conditioned air. Because it's a replacement for ductwork made of metal or hard that is why it is frequently called "duct". 

Venting is used to evenly distribute air throughout the system. This allows for a more uniform distribution and mixing of air-conditioned within one zone.

Fabric ducts can be used in floor-to-floor applications that require raised floors. They come in a variety of colors, which can be either standard or custom, and offer the possibility of screening. They are also available in non-porous and porous materials.

If you require metal conduits to be used for the installation, it is recommended to select one that's air permeable. It doesn't produce condensation, making it ideal for applications where water is required at a lower elevation than the dew point.

Materials with pores require less attention than non-porous materials since they are able to keep away dirt and airborne pollutants.