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What To Know When Selecting Your Wedding Disc Jockey In Geelong?

Asides food and drink, music is the most important part of your wedding. In the United States it has become very common to use Disc Jockeys (DJs) to make music and host weddings. 

There are a few different things to consider and ask of them, when choosing your wedding dj in Geelong.

Will this wedding DJ play the CD or MP3 you provided?

Some wedding disc jockeys have a list of the songs they play, and other than the bride and groom's first dance, they don't give you much choice. Your wedding disc jockey should be flexible and have a wide range to accommodate the needs of your wedding guests. Don't try to give the DJ a CD or a list of 100% songs to play at night. Your taste in music is not the same as the 120 people at your wedding. Let your DJ do his job and make your wedding guests happy.

Does the DJ know the location of your wedding?

Your wedding disc jockey may also be better equipped to handle known wedding venue issues or anniversaries. That doesn't mean you should turn down a DJ if they've never been there, but it does work in your favor.

A very important thing to consider when choosing your DJ is the equipment. Ask about the quality and condition of the equipment your DJ will be using and make sure it is professional quality and in good condition. The main thing when choosing your DJ and the only deciding factor is experience.