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Understanding The Kidney Transplant

Having a kidney transplant is often the last ditch effort to save the life of an individual whose kidneys have failed and no longer process waste products in the body. Statistics reveal that a total of about 9,000 kidney transplants occur every year from cadavers and about 3,000 transplants occur from living related donors. If you are looking for more information about certified kidney dialysis center In San Antonio, TX then texas kidney care is best option for you.

Understanding The Kidney Transplant

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The first successful kidney transplant performed in 1954 in Boston and Paris. This is a kidney transplant between identical twins that do not have a problem with rejection. The biggest problem is the type of network – find a suitable partner for the receiver and ensure that the rejection kept to a minimum.

Living donors are carefully evaluated to ensure that they are medically and psychologically able to donate their kidneys to a kidney transplant.

Living donor transplants used to be done through a procedure that is open but is now increasingly done through laparoscopic surgery, which is much easier to tolerate. Kidneys from living donors have a better success rate than do a kidney from a deceased donor.

Kidneys are then stored in a cold solution before donation. Best for a kidney transplant organs come from brain dead donors. Doctors assess compatibility for assessing kidney transplants with the ABO blood group of the donor and recipient HLA antigens as well as a minor.