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Understand The Different Methods Of Pest Control

Fight against parasites is regulating a set of species, also known as pests because they are considered destructive to ecology and human health. There is always has been a requirement to maintain the protected crops against pests and therefore the pest control has existed since the beginning of agriculture. 

What are the different methods of struggle against parasites?

The most effective way to fight against pests involved in various steps and called the management of pests. The important step is to identify the pest type for organizations that may also be useful. The main types of methods of pest management in Sydney include:

  • Chemical Control
  • Non-Chemical Method
  • Biological Method

Difference between herbal and chemical pest control methods ...

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Biological Method: 

This method is to use natural parasites and predators of water resources and is completely safe to drink.

Primer With Poison: 

Poisoned bait is a common method used to control rats. However, these are not effective in the trash. However, this is also used to control fruit flies, slugs, caterpillars, etc.

Combustion Fields: 

Moreover, this is a traditional method used to kill insects and eggs in the fields after harvest.


As the name suggests, there are loans employment traps that are used in mice and home areas trapping rats. Various models of traps serve a different motive.

Spray Method: 

This technique makes use of toxic sprays with the help of hand sprayers and is one of the most common methods used for mosquitoes and other pests.


This method does not succeed as long as the effective method of steaming the soil or sterilization has been quite successful.