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Types Of Blinds in Melbourne

Blinds are the best way to control the amount of light that gets into a room. They also control the privacy you need in the room. Not only that, but they also are great at keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Blinds in Melbourne are still the most popular choice amongst homeowners and businesses. Nowadays there is a huge range of blinds to choose from. It depends on the type of style and function you require. There is a type of blind for every purpose and need that you are looking for. The list below shows some, but not all of the different types of blinds you can select from. Blinds can be divided into two different groups. You can get indoor blinds and outdoor blinds. 

Indoor Blinds

Indoor blinds are blinds that are installed on the inside of your room. 

Roller blinds

There are many variations of the roller blind. They are blinds that roll up and down via a spring-loaded chord, remote control operation or a traditional chain pulling operation. These are the most common type of indoor blinds. 

roller blinds

Vertical Blinds

As the name suggests, vertical blinds hang from the ceiling to the floor. They are long strips of fabric that can open and close horizontally. There are small weights and chains to keep them in place. Vertical blinds can be opened and closed with a chain.You may see them quite often in office rooms. These are a good choice for controlling the amount of light and privacy in the room. 

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds were invented during the Roman civilisation. They are made from one piece of fabric. They open and close in an up and down motion and they fold into themselves. 

Plantation Shutters

These types of blinds are made from wood, glass or metal slats that are positions horizontal across a frame. They come in various sizes according to your specifications. The slats can open and close to allow control over the amount of light and air that gets into the room. 

plantation shutters

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a classic choice of window covering. They can be lifted up and down and opened and closed. They are made from a hard material like wood or aluminium. They can be operated via a motorised, remote controller or by hand using a chor and wand feature. Venetian blinds are a great option for your home, they will last forever and have a timeless style. 

Outdoor Blinds

If you are looking for options to entertain friends outdoors or give you home added protection from the weather, outdoor blinds are an excellent choice. Outdoor blinds can enable you to create a controlled living environment on the patio or give your rooms added protection from the harsh weather conditions and security from the public. Outdoor blinds come in various options depending on the type of function and style you are looking for. 


Awnings are an outdoor blind that enables you to be outside with protection from the rain or harsh sunlight. They are made from sunscreen or sturdy fabric that is attached to folding metal arm support. They are an affordable option to create a portable and moveable roof option that can be over your patio area. 


Crank Blinds

Crank blinds are like a second window for your outdoor areas. They are made from sunscreen, blackout or translucent material. They roll up and down on a roller. The operation is performed via a crank on the side of the blind. 

crank blinds


These are a modern type of outdoor blind. E-zips are very strong and sturdy because of the strong fabric material used. They lock into the side panels and are built to handle strong winds and rain. E-zips are similar to awnings except they act as a wall rather than a roof. E-zips are one of the most popular choices for outdoor blinds today. 


Folding Arm Awnings

The folding arm awning are great for open plan living. They can be made to suit small terrace areas to big patio entertaining areas. They are a great option for weather protection because they can fold in and out. Acting as a portable roof and wall for your outside area. They are made out of strong fabric that neatly gets packed away or opened out via a metal frame with a folding arm construction. 

folding arm awning

Once you have decided which type of blinds are best suited to your room, you will need to contact a local blinds shop in Melbourne. You will be able to get a free quote for a measure and quote.