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Tips for Caring for Automatic Pool Covers

For anybody tired of manually covering their own pool, pool covers are a great choice. And therefore the water has been protected from the weather, leaves, along with other debris, by itself, the plastic unrolls with the addition of a switch. If you are looking for automatic pool covers and reel systems then you can visit online sources.

automatic swimming pool covers

But these accessories might be pricey, therefore when you buy you want to make sure it lasts. Look at these five strategies so that it lasts as long as achievable.

Clear Surface

It's inevitable that leaves debris, snow, and ice will accumulate on the vinyl as it's stretched over the water. It is essential to clean them away whenever possible. The extra weight can strain the vinyl, in addition to the reel components that help unroll automated pool covers.

Use a telescopic brush to wipe off snow, leaves, along with debris. Work with a pump to remove it if water has accumulated on the outside.

Monitor Water

The water level in a pool is key to maintaining your cover. Water should hit approximately mid-skimmer. The reel components and system may be flooded if it's greater than that point. The vinyl may start to meltdown, causing it to strain once debris accumulates if it falls lower than mid-skimmer.

Clean Regularly

Automatic pool covers, at least two to three times per calendar year should be cleaned to remove chemical residue that may make them degrade. Unroll the vinyl and work in segments, with mild dishwashing detergent and a brush that is gentle to wash it blank. You can work with a pump to take it off after you are finished if any water collects on the surface.

For issues with the components that aren't readily mended, call the company that installed your cover. Examine the vinyl itself for tears. If you discover any harm, then work with a kit from the regional supply store to correct the parts.