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The Solar Pool Cover – Extending Your Pool Season

Possessing a backyard pool can be a very big investment, especially if you choose to have an in-ground pool installed. And one of those ways to maximize your return on that investment would be by simply doing whatever you can to extend the swimming season into your portion of the country. For anyone who lives in desert or southern climes, of course, swimming weather is more or less a given, regardless of the time of year.

But for people who experience four distinct seasons, investing in a backyard solar cover can signify the following month of water temperatures piled on either end of the swimming season. To know about the best solar pool covers you can visit

swimming pool cover

The traditional way of heating a home swimming pool is to use either gas-powered or electric heating, requiring the pool owner to keep replenishing the gas supply or to cover more about what is most likely a significant sunshine electric bill. A backyard cover, which can add 10 to 15 amounts to warm water temperatures, is designed and colored to the net with the overall look of your pool.

The Way Solar Pool Covers Work

A solar pool cover, or "blanket," is made of heavyweight, UV-resistant Polyethylene like the bubble wrap used as parcel cushioning, however far more durable. Unexpectedly, the solar pool cover acts to insulate the pool water and prevent the heat from escaping.

For that homeowner's advantage, a solar pool cover was made to be free-floating, therefore its removal does not involve working with tie-downs nor anchors. 

For large private pools, but the sheer size and weight of solar pool covers, and also their storage, also can be significant issues. Thus solar pool cover manufacturers now have produced solar pool cover generators, similar to hose reels, that facilitate the elimination of those covers.