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The Secrets Of Great Coffee

Coffee is one of the world's favorite drinks. However, there are many different qualities of coffee around and it takes a bit of knowledge to stop yourself from accidentally ruining what could have been a perfectly good cup of coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee beans are particularly sensitive to temperature, moisture and pH levels. They contain volatile organic compounds which react when these different elements change. 

Part one of getting a good coffee involves buying good beans. Of course everyone has their own personal preferences but you need to make sure the beans are from a good supplier. Buying freshly roasted beans is best but if you have to get pre-packaged beans, make sure that the roast date is no less than 6 months before the date of intended use. 

They should also be vacuum packed to stop the air ruining them. Pre-ground coffee isn't the best, so try to get beans and a grinder. The next thing to think about is storage. It is best to keep the beans whole because as soon as they are ground they are exposed to air and they start drying out. 

If the beans start to dry out they will lose some of their lovely oils which will evaporate off. Store beans in a cool, airtight jar to protect them.