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Experiences this list of Top Things While Traveling to Philippines


Made up of over 7000 islands, Philippines has seen tremendous in terms with population comprising of many beautiful and awesome things. No doubt, Philippines has seen volcano’s, typhoons and harsh weather, yet this country stands firm when it comes to experiencing the best of things. If you happen to travel to Philippines, then these are some of the top thins you need to experience.

  1. Take a Few Days Off at Boracay – Boracay is basically an island in Philippines that is home to some of the best and beautiful beaches. One of the best beaches on this island is the White beach that stretches its white sands up to 4km. On this beach, you are also bound to find an array of diving shops, hotels and restaurants.
  2. Explore the Beauty of Banana Rice Terraces – If you wish to explore the true meaning of beauty in Philippines, then heading over to the banana rice terraces makes a lot of sense. As soon as you reach here, you are surrounded by nothing but beauty where many tourists even consider this as ‘Eight Wonder of the World’. Moreover, you will be witnessing plantation of rice and vegetables by the locals here.
  3. Go Back to the Ancient Time at Fort Santiago –The Fort Santiago is an ancient citadel located in Manila. This structure used to serve as a defense fortress built by the Spanish. During your time here, you will be hearing an amazing story of a Philippine hero named Jose Rizal along with embedded bronze footprints of prisoners before their execution. 

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