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Put On Your Shelf The New Stand Up Pouches

Food packaging with upright pouches, also known as stand pouches, is prepared at a meal. Store shelves, from local grocery stores to large chains are full of these innovative, packaged products non-stop. In fact, the latest new ideas in the industry will make it easier for more companies to stick their fingers in upright pockets to sell their products like never before while content loads fresher for longer.

Consumption and demand as well as the need for upright bags are growing and developing in both retail and industrial environments. Due to many eras in the industry, manufacturers of such upright bags have come up with different color combinations such as a clear front and a foil back colored like silver, gold, or black. This allows companies such as CO-PACK INC. to add color and a bit of tension to their packaging without investing more in packaging. 

Which Stand up pouch is suitable for you?

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The final step in this development occurred when the company wanted to give up labels and have its own conventional printed bag. Now available on the market in various shapes and sizes. One of the most important things that manufacturers need to consider before using upright bags is how consumers should access the product. The possibilities are many whether you use a zipper or a sticker, the method you choose depends entirely on the type of product in the bag.

The packaging of drugs and liquid capsules should also be carried out with care because pharmaceutical sachets are available. They must be sterilized immediately so as not to infect patients. Product packaging must contain information on use, transportation, recycling/disposal, etc. on the label to keep the product safe.