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Benefits of Body Composition Analyzer Testing

Body Composition Analyzer (BCM) is a non-invasive and the most advanced technology, clinically proven accurate and reliable, with highly repeatable results. It is a useful tool for accessing health because body health is equated with body composition. You can also buy professional total body composition analysis machine at Visbody.

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Six benefits of body composition scale testing:

  • This test is useful for those who want to lose weight to track their progress and make sure they are losing fat, not muscle mass or water weight.
  • Visceral fat is the most dangerous type of fat, it is the fat that builds up around your organs and makes a toxic soup in your stomach. This test can tell us how you would rate visceral fat and whether it is within a healthy range.
  • For patients with osteoporosis, osteopenia, or concerns about their bone mass. With this test, we can observe bone mass.
  • This test also gives us an idea of the distribution of fat in the body, which can give us an idea of a possible hormonal imbalance.
  • We can also get an idea of your metabolic rate before you put in an effort or exercise and see how much energy you burn, which gives us an idea of your overall metabolism.
  • We can see the hydration level and whether the patient is drinking enough water or even too much water.

These testing tools can provide us with excellent and useful information about a patient's health and can be used to track progress on a number of health parameters.