Understanding The Human Bond With Cats

When some people refer to their cats as their "baby", they mean it in the true sense and shower their cats with the same love and attention that they give their children.

One can safely say that the human bond with cats can be as precious and strong as any other human bond. If you love animals then you can also donate money to top animal charities organization via

Most assume that cats can be treated as "children" only by a recluse or by women who lead a lonely life. While it is true that such intense human-animal bond is most often symbiotic, one cannot but wonder who gets the most out of such a relationship.

The cat definitely thrives on the undivided attention and the "cat mom" on the other hand is ecstatic to be the recipient of such unconditional love by someone. However, it is also true that women who are vibrant and vivacious have proclaimed their undying love for their cats.

If you happen to visit one of the numerous online message boards and forums devoted to cat lovers, you will realize how many people from different walks of life come together to share their knowledge and experiences with cats.

They talk about everything regarding their feline friends, from every little new trick that their cat performed to queries about how to treat some known or unknown "symptom" displayed by their cat.