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How Working From Home Is Leading To Back And Neck Pain In People?

Creating a work-life balance is very difficult in today’s life. Things were already difficult for the working-class people, but it became a lot worse after the occurrence of COVID 19 because it has forced people to work from home, which took a toll on the body. Working in a professional environment is a completely different thing than working at home. Working from home has made people lazy and complacent because they know there is no one to see them at all times just like in offices. Improper sitting postures and working for long hours continuously can have adverse effects on your body. Many people have complained of neck and back pain after starting working from home.

This has a lot to do with the sitting postures and continuous sitting because companies have also put extra workload on their employees citing ‘work from home’ excuse. If you have developed pain in your back and neck area, then you should do something about it before it becomes a part of your daily life. The best way to treat back and neck pain is by massaging these areas using the best back and neck massager that you can buy after reading the best neck and back massager reviews by consumer reports. You will like the feeling of relieved muscles after taking massage therapy, and your efficiency will increase while working.

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Natural Methods Of Pain Management

Chronic pain associated with inflammation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, stress and trauma plays a significant role in drastically diminishing health and quality of life.

Fortunately, there are natural methods of pain management which do not require prescriptions or the dangers of over-the-counter pain relievers such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Some studies, such as those recently published by Reuters, have revealed that ibuprofen has been shown to be equally toxic as the prescription drug Vioxx which was pulled from the market for being potentially dangerous.

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Pain Management Starts at Home

Our bodies are equipped to combat pain naturally, on a cellular level, by creating antioxidants which fight inflammation. As we age, production of these antioxidants begins to slowly diminish year after year. However, with a few simple dietary and lifestyle changes, your bodies natural pain management defenses can be supported, and restored.

4 Easy Methods for Managing Pain

• Massage – A brief massage is so effective at releasing endorphins and serotonin – the body's natural pain killers – that it's now used regularly in hospitals to lower the anxiety levels of post-operative patients and speed up the recovery process. Whether suffering from anxiety, fibromyalgia, tension headaches, back pain or osteoarthritis, massages can assist with pain relief by addressing inflammation at a cellular level.

• Yoga – Millions of people around the world practice the ancient mind-body technique of intricate stretching poses, not just because it's a gentle way to build lean muscles, but also because it reduces the stress hormone cortisol in the body and promotes peace-of-mind. Studies published in the professional journal Spine reveal practicing two times a week for two months can significantly reduce back pain, migraines and arthritis.

• Hypnotherapy – Pain associated with past traumas – whether psychological, emotional, or physical – can significantly affect quality of life. Hypnotherapy, hypnosis, and guided imagery are fantastic methods of practicing the mind-over-matter method of natural pain relief.