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Know More About Genetically Modified Food

Like most people, I am worried about the standard of the food my family absorbs. I am well educated concerning the nutrient value of one food over another, however, that I had been incredibly ignorant of the fact that my entire family was consuming foods which are genetically modified on a daily basis.

Genetically Modified foods haven't been tested for security

Genetically Modified food was in development for more than 20 decades and has been in widespread commercial use for approximately 15 decades. In fact, the FDA has demanded zero security testing but rather trusted upon search from firms like Monsanto, which generates the goods.

If you or your friends are suffering from health disease because of GMO products then you can file a case against the GMO manufacturer. You can search for Monsanto roundup advocates from various online sources.


The FDA's extremely lax policy on regulation of GM foods just makes sense when you observe the entrance door between bureau regulators and the firms they govern.

Though the FDA has promised that it was unaware of any data showing that GM plants were different from non-GMO plants and consequently did not require testing; 44,000 internal FDA documents made public with litigation prove this for a whole lie.

Regrettably, the FDA scientists that urged their superiors to take long-term research had their job discredited and the outcomes suppressed.