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How Can You Fix Your Lazy Eye?

Lazy eye is a common condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned with each other. It is widely accepted that the cause of amblyopia is the poor balance between eye muscles. If not treated on time, it may lead to loss of vision or even blindness. So it is very important to fix them as soon as possible. 

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You can improve your lazy eye through outpatient surgery. You will get in and out on the same day and the success rate is very high. The surgery itself is relatively free of pain and the patient reported only mild discomfort.

A costly operation and a waiting list of two years is not really an option. You should manage to increase your lazy eye to the point where it is almost invisible.

Palming, central fixation, graphics and reading exercise all play an integral and successful role in strengthening eye muscle for amblyopia. Ideally, you have to do these exercises 5 minutes a day consistently for a few weeks.

Then you will be able to monitor, assess and act accordingly. You will begin to see improvement after a few weeks and in many cases, you can completely avoid the need for surgery.