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Why Hatha Yoga Is Important?

Hatha Yoga is a very important discipline which helps the yoga practitioner to attain the oneness of body and mind to be elevated to spiritual perfection. While various yoga poses can also develop muscles and body shape, they are primarily aimed at achieving balance in the body systems and internal organs.

The hatha yoga is considered the foundation of well-known types of yoga. Hatha yoga good for beginners to practice this activity with a meditative and calm mind. The instructor always advises the client not to overdo the asanas and not to try anything else. This is one of the gentle forms that is ideal for people who are new to yoga and don't know asanas. And it aims to unite body, mind and spirit.

Other holes are Satya, or the ability to hold fast to the truth, Asteya, which forbids one from stealing or incurring debt, Brachmacharya, which requires celibacy for the unmarried, and Loyalty for the married, Kshma, which refers to the virtues of Patience, dhriti, or the principle of devotion, might, which forbids cruelty to all beings, arjava, or promotes honesty, mitahara, or the maintenance of moderation in food intake, and shaucha, or purity of thought and speech.

Yoga is called physical yoga because postures or exercises are used to achieve oneness of body and mind. Some people identify yoga with Hinduism, perhaps because it originated in ancient India, but actually yoga should not be identified or associated with any religion as it is a universal science that aims to achieve spiritual balance.

Yoga students continue to perform asanas to achieve not only physical but mental balance as well. The discipline one gains through yoga will help one live a disciplined, happy and peaceful life.