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Summer Hair Care Tips


Many people love the summer season allowing people to have a lot of fun. Few people love to head over to the beaches while others prefer to go to hill stations. Regardless of the destination, one goes to, it is absolutely important to care for their hair during the summer. This season is known to cause dryness which ultimately leads to dandruff and other problems. If summer is around the corner, then consider these helpful tips to keep your hair safe.

  1. Tie – Keeping your hair open is fine especially during the winter. However, during the summer, it is open to tie your hair especially if you’re going to stay outside for a longer time. You can use a scarf or a hat to offer better protection from the sun's harsh rays. Or else, the rays of the sun lead to difficulty in breathing for the hair.
  2. Use a Dry Shampoo – Another great tip to protect our hair from getting damaged is to use dry shampoo. Other shampoos contain chemical ingredients that aren’t safe for the hair. A great way to make your own dry shampoo at home is to add 2tbsp of cornstarch mixing it with cocoa powder of the same quantity.
  3. Use Serum – Make your own serum at home by mixing 8 to 10drops of peppermint oil with 1tbsp of jojoba oil. Make sure you do not use a chemical-based serum as it will only cause damage to your hair.

Make sure you follow these tips and also get natural keratin treatment for hair at home.