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A Guide For Destination Wedding In Jamaica

If you are planning a destination wedding to a tropical resort, the chances are that almost all of the advice you come across will be geared towards casual beachy weddings. But tropical does not always have to mean barefoot on the sand, it is possible to plan a wedding which is elegant in an island setting. Here are some tips on how to choose top Jamaica wedding resorts .

When planning a very elegant wedding in Jamaica, you have to walk a fine line. On the one hand, you want it to be very fancy and upscale, but on the other hand, the entire feeling of a beach community will inherently be different than that of a five star hotel on Park Avenue.

Any fine resort should have elegant menu options available to serve for your wedding reception. Fresh fish, simply prepared, is always a nice choice for the main course at dinner. It can be dressed with a fresh fruit salsa and elegantly displayed on the plate with several side dishes. Keep in mind that a grand presentation will make any type of food appear more elegant. Try to treat your guests to the local specialties of the tropical destination which you have selected for your wedding.

So you see, tropical does not have to mean casual. In fact, an elegant resort wedding is a wonderful way to have a fancy party and enjoy a magnificent destination at the same time. Your guests will no doubt have the best time of their lives.