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Read About Common Gutter Leakage Problems and Easy Solutions in Vancouver

The most common places where leaks can occur, as shown and numbered in the figure, are:

1. Angle joints – These joints are complex, perfect, and precise to join. It combines three parts of the gutter – the two main gutters and the arch.

2. Medium Connections – They appear due to size differences or due to the space left when connecting.

3. Pipe connection – Occurs because the drainpipe is not properly connected to the main gutter or because of a loose connection that cannot be delivered by the hydropower plant or is of inappropriate size.

Leak solution

There are simpler solutions to all of these sewer problems than you might think. All you have to do is get glue, glue, or sealant, most likely from the same main gutter manufacture. Clean the leaking mass, apply glue and let dry. It is done!

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Make sure it covers the entire joint, no pieces remain and use more glue too as it sometimes shrinks once it dries. You can also use a patch if it matches where you want to apply it.

Gutter leaks occur due to errors in gutter installation or poor maintenance. It's never easy to redo the whole installation. Therefore, the above solutions always work after installation.

The solutions offered here are inexpensive and easy to implement. However, if you suspect the leak is larger and a complete sewer repair is required, it is advisable to hire a specialist instead of working on your own.