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What is The Importance Of Biobank?

Biobank is a new branch of modern medicine. Biobank contains biological material from humans such as blood, tissue, or cell samples, which are stored for a certain period of time or forever and used for research purposes. 

Here we discuss in brief about what is a biobank and its importance:

DNA can be studied by researchers trying to gain information about the relationship between DNA defects and disease formation. 


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Genetic information can be obtained from samples of biological material, which can be very useful in finding new or better medical treatments for patients suffering from terrible diseases such as cancer or heart disease. Through this biobank, we can see the effect of genes and the environment on the aforementioned diseases. 

For example, samples of biological material from different populations are collected to identify disease-causing agents such as diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure. Biobanks also study mental illnesses such as autism and schizophrenia.

Samples can be collected during routine medical care or you can volunteer a sample of biological material for testing. Human biological material that cannot be identified is not considered a biobank. 

The biobank bank is the link for finding a cure for this deadly disease and for saving lives. Biobanks can play a key role in improving medicine and health care and must serve the interests of both individuals and the public.