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Some Disadvantages Of Torrent While Using

When you heard about the word “torrent” in the world of technology, it generally refers to a computer file that is equipped with metadata that holds different information. A torrent file generally arrives with the .torrent extension, but it does not contain the actual content to be distributed.

This information will then be used by BitTorrent software like uTorrent or Transmission BitTorrent for distribution “real” – which basically allows users easy file torrent download on their personal computers. However, on the basis of money and other characteristics of Torrent comparison to the VPN at a glance (also called 토렌트 VPN 한 눈에 비교하기 in the Korean language) so as to get a clear opinion on the selection of torrents.

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Torrent has many advantages such as saves time, peer to peer distribution, the download experience advance to a slower connection, it also has many disadvantages. These include:

  • No one can say what is inside the file until it finishes downloading. The creator says Assume there is the Linux distribution with the latest version of Ubuntu and the file named as resembling one. However, there is no guarantee of a box which is actually inside the file until the user download and completes the open file.
  • For the first time, the seeder has to be online and seeding until the torrent broadcast. It is compulsory for them to be online to distribute the file with the higher speed of the internet. If left between the two, no one is able to obtain the file, and users who downloaded a portion will be blocked at this time.
  • If the distribution started again, it’s hard to stop. If the file becomes popular and seeder thinks to stop the distribution, you can not stop until all users stop downloading a torrent. This will not remain the property of the creator.
  • Unauthorized distribution created a very big loss for most software, games, movies, and music sellers. Some users who have paid for it distributed files over the Internet using the Torrent that spread in minutes and becomes popular.
  • The speed can not be stable and in most cases, it is slow and predetermined, based on the number of seeders, but can not guarantee the speed.