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Information About Digital Google Calendar Display

We are all familiar with the idea of a wall calendar. Something that seems like the image above. It has been used to help people look at dates in the month over several decades, and allows people to plan the month accordingly. 

This served the purpose in times when schedules were easy, and events and conferences could only be written on the calendar inboxes. To get more information regarding the digital wall calendar display, you can visit

Digital Google Calendar Display

Image Source: Google

However, in today's era where calendars are on our smartphones and events are constantly being added and updated, this is no longer possible. So most people have gone on to use their smartphones as their calendar of choice.

The main idea of these wall calendars was to make the whole family aware of family events and events at a glance. Would it be perfect for a digital wall calendar that syncs with your family's Google calendar to display events for the whole family to see? 

If you want a bigger screen for your automatic wall calendar then you can use the layout app for Fire TV. Just use the Fire TV Stick on any HDMI display of your choice. From a format point of view, you can choose the calendar in the monthly view, weekly view and list view with many more options added.

For background images, you can choose images from Unsplash categories such as nature, night sky, architecture, and more. Or you can make it more personal and choose a picture from your family photo album in Google or Apple Photos.