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Helping Churches Have a Youth Ministry Instead of Youth Program

Many churches do a fantastic job of reaching young individuals. Other churches are putting forth a great deal of work in this field but maybe not seeing many outcomes.

Regrettably, some churches nearby have given up entirely and therefore are no more hoping to reach another generation in any way.

Helping Churches Have a Youth Ministry Instead of Youth Program

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1 observation I've made concerning why some churches do well in this region while other churches aren't, is that the difference in whether or not a church has a childhood MINISTRY or a childhood PROGRAM.

Churches attempting to reach young people in almost any manner should be commended. But in my own experience as a denominational leader, I have discovered that churches with a childhood program aren't reaching almost as many young people as people with a childhood ministry.

What's the distinction between a childhood program and youth ministry?

A childhood program is something that the church patrons one or two times per week. It starts and ends at a particular moment. It tends to be rather structured from how it works.

Youth programs frequently have a small heart, largely of teens whose parents are a part of their church. That center participates in the youth program if their schedule allows, but it isn't abnormal for them to be absent in the program when they have something else happening.

They rarely bring their friends to share in the app. It's not uncommon for adolescents in childhood programs not to be active in the total life of their church.