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Things You Should Expect From a Corrimal Child Care Center

Parents have specific expectations from their daycare provider. While some expectations may be higher than others, this article will highlight a few things that you can expect from your child care provider.


It is not an unfair expectation to expect to receive written reports from a child care center. You can receive reports on a weekly or daily basis. You can quickly find out how your child adjusts to the environment by receiving reports on behavior, eating, sleeping, and other daily activities.

Respect Your Willings

Child care centers should partner with parents to help them raise their children in the way they want. A good daycare center will respect your wishes and not allow your child to eat things they don't want. This applies to television watching and any other activity that conflicts with your personal views. Your wishes for your child should be respected.

Dropping by When You Want

You should be able to drop by any time of day that your child is at the child care center, without having to call ahead of time. You should be able to pick your child up when you want to. It is completely reasonable to expect that the daycare center is there to assist you with your daycare needs and that being able to come and go as you please is welcomed.