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Best Spiritual Things to Experience in Japan


Japan is not just a country comprising of activities over activities for travelers. There are spiritual things too in Japan that offers peace to your mind and body. Moreover, spiritual things in Japan give you the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the forest, mountain sides and more. If you happen to travel to Japan in the next coming days, then make sure you experience some of these spiritual things.

  1. Visit the Golden Temple of Kyoto – Kyoto’s Golden Temple offers one of the best spiritual experiences in Japan. Once you spot the temple from a distance, it looks absolutely stunning. Just make sure you come early for the awesome sights along with beating other tourists as it tends to get crowded.
  2. Visit Nikko’s Temples – Nikko is a mountain town comprising of stunning temples. The temples aren’t the ordinary ones as they are also considered stunning by UNESCO World Heritage. At Nikko, make sure you visit the Toshogu Shrine that offers many attractions along with features for all tourists.
  3. Visit a few Zen Gardens –Japan is home to a few awesome Zen gardens. Visiting a zen garden in Japan is the perfect way to meditate your mind, body and soul. You should also visit a few temples such as Ryoan-ji, Kodai-ji and Kennin-ji.
  4. Visit Koya-San – This is another mountain town in Japan near Osaka comprising of beautiful temples. Make sure you stay in one of the temples at least for a night for a solitude experience.

With these spiritual things to experience, you are bound to have a great time. You must also consider for a package that offers tour in Japan for 10 days at least.