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Hiring Dogs For Bed Bug Detection

Nowadays, dogs are getting trained to detect bed bugs. These dogs are adorable and they accurately know their job well.

Bed bug dogs have proved very helpful to keep the pests away. Bed bug detector dogs have an accuracy rate of 90-95% and also, they only need a few minutes before the conclusion! It will not be wrong if I say that the bed bug dog is back in business. You can also get the best services for premier canine detection and bed bug detection in Bay Area.

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Cat in bed bug case is somewhat different. Silica gel found in cat feces can be used to eliminate bed bugs. The powder is then sprinkled in areas affected by bed bugs, which will be attached to the bed bugs and their eventual dehydration.

Moving on to some miniature disasters that affect these cute puppies, it is a must that you go through the following details affecting your dog.

Fleas are on top of the terrorizers list. Ctenocephalides canis mainly survive on the blood of your favorite pet i.e., dog. When bitten by this flea can develop itching, inflammation, and infection.

Infected dog gets unbearable itching and a lot of hair loss. Scabies is a skin infection caused by itchy pests and is highly contagious to humans as well.

Bad dog nutrition is more likely to contract lice. When captured by dog ticks got an itching sensation all over the body. Sucking lice feed on the blood of dogs while biting lice survive dead skin flakes.

Such is the small but annoying threat that your dog may be suffering from. Therefore, keep your dog safe, keep him clean.