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Bamboo Fencing And Its Types

Bamboo fencing is now trusted as one of the world’s choicest fencing products that are easily fixed in most commercial and domestic applications, either exterior or interior. Today, most homeowners use bamboo fence decorations to turn their yard into a relaxing space. 

Type a bamboo fence

Panel fencing

bamboo panels are suitable for creating a temporary or permanent fencing. They are versatile and can be installed quickly. After the bamboo is harvested, it is cut into a pole. After they dry, polar treated to prevent termite and fungal attack. Bamboo fence panel comes with various options, so you have to let your creativity shine. 

Bamboo slat

Bamboo slats bound together with galvanized wire to make the fence. A high standard fencing measures 4 meters. It can be used as a boundary fence or garden fence. A slat fence that measures 1m high is usually used to protect the plants from strong winds. 

Split / flexible

This is a regular fence. Bamboo pieces joined through the center with a galvanized wire. Fences can be used to create a barrier backyard. It is also used to bring the feel of the exotic to your back garden. It can be rolled up for easy transport. 


This is the best fencing option. It involves placing a vertical frame of wooden poles. Pole should be 1 to 2 inches above the ground to avoid contact with the ground. You can cover the open space with a wire fence.