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Why is Asbestos-Related to Cancer?

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Asbestos during its natural state may look appealing and harmless. In fact, this material was extremely popular in the construction industry. However, one shouldn’t take asbestos lightly as it causes mild to severe health diseases in many. It is said that asbestos is related to cancer. Here are a few reasons why asbestos is related to cancer.

  1. Chrysotile – Chrysotile is the type of asbestos that has a curly appearance. Moreover, this asbestos is also known to be white in color.
  2. Amphibole – Amphibole is the type of asbestos that has an appearance similar to a needle while observed under a microscope.

Asbestos and cancer are related to one another due to the characteristics it possesses. Moreover, asbestos enters our bodies through two channels.

  1. Through Swallowing – When present on the surface of food and liquid, it is easy for asbestos to enter our bodies due to swallowing.
  2. Through Breathing – It is easy for asbestos to get crumbled even with the slightest of touches. When crumbled, asbestos completely becomes invisible to the eyes making it easier to get mixed with the atmosphere. While floating in the atmosphere, asbestos can easily enter while breathing. Moreover, when asbestos enters through the nose it target’s straight to the lungs. Once it is accumulated on the surface of the lungs, it leads to severe health issues causing diseases like mesothelioma, lung cancer etc. Therefore, it is recommended to call a professional and avoid touching it at all times.

Consider hiring a professional for asbestos inspection in Newcastle region.