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How to Use a Skill Training Ladder

Agility ladder, known as a speed ladder, improves three key fitness factors—speed, agility, and quickness—in addition to strengthening your joints, ligaments, and tendons. It is used in athletic training to improve speed, agility, and coordination.

Agility ladder training is a common exercise used by many different strength and fitness trainers to increase foot speed. This ability will give an athlete a huge advantage over other competitors in almost any sport. To buy agility training speed ladders online, visit this website.

Agility ladder training has many advantages:

1) Portable and inexpensive;

2) Excellent for weight loss;

3) Great way to warm up your whole body and avoid injury;

4) An interesting and fun way to build up your calves & cardiovascular endurance;

5) Improve your body awareness and movement skill;

6) Has a strong correlation with ankle function and athletic ability.

How to use it

The main way of agility ladder training is called SARQ training.

SARQ training:

The SARQ (speed, agility, responsiveness, and quickness) was used to train athletes by professional coaches through fitness equipment such as agility ladders and parachutes. Over these years, many specialized training techniques that were once the exclusive domain of top athletes have entered the commercial fitness space.  

SARQ training is a form of high-intensity interval training, which is an effective way to burn a lot of calories in a limited amount of time.