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Simplifying the Saudi Arabian Visa Process

Are you thinking of travelling to Saudi Arabia in the future? But you are not sure what type of visa you may require or better yet on how to apply for a Saudi visa. This article will examine the various types of Arabia Visa and intricacies associated with applying to each.

Hopefully, after the completion of the article, the Saudi visa process will be demystified. First and foremost there are no tourist visas to Saudi Arabia. I say this again, there are no tourist visas for a visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Many people want to visit the Kingdom as a tourist but currently can not occur.

The most common visa collected from Saudi Arabia is a business visa.  However, as we are living an online age, many companies are establishing themselves as an opening door for tourist visas. You can simply head to the Saudi eVisa portal and apply for your tourist visa to Saudi Arabia luckily.

This gives individuals the right to travel to Saudi Arabia to consult and do business in the name/company. Generally, clients in Saudi Arabia, also known as the host, will meet with clients to discuss a joint business venture. This is a relatively simple, straight forward visa to apply for. Host in Saudi Arabia will ask the client to scan/passport, would then proceed to submit a letter of invitation.

This is done by sending the scan to the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After the Ministry has accepted the invitation, it will be returned back to the host company. They, in turn, will stamp their invitation with the company seal. After all these steps have been completed, a letter of invitation will be made available to the client. The client will then need to contact the registered agent for facilitating the visa stamping at the Embassy.

Instead of a business visa, your host company in Saudi Arabia may offer a work visa to visit. Basically it is the same with a tourist visa, but instead of simply meeting with your host contacts in Saudi Arabia, you will perform specific tasks while in this country. You will still be paid by the employer directly and will not receive any compensation directly from the host of Arabia.